Kicking off on April 10 just after Easter, all the Lifelong Learning favourites are back again for the 2021 season:

(1) Magic of Mosaics: Beginner Workshop is potentially your starting point. It is designed to get your creative juices flowing and start you on your mosaic-ing journey. I know that sounds a little cliché but seriously, once you start its unlikely you will be able to stop.

You can choose your beginner project: either a round (we call them mandalas) or small pot.

The round can be a piece of art to hang somewhere or have practical use as a trivet.

(2) BYO Table: This is for those that have seen my tables, and would like to create your own. You can enrol your table even if you have no experience with mosaics as you are able to learn on the go, it’s all part of the creative experience and so much fun.

(3) Mosaics and Mindfulness: What happens when you start to mosaic is you realise the quiet and still that the activity provides really does nourish your soul. This is a combination activity of mosaics and journaling. Journaling is an activity that provides clarity of thought and how better to do that than in the still of a mindful activity like mosaics.

(4) Just Journal: Perhaps you like the idea of journaling but don’t want to mosaic (yet). This workshop is all about Just Journaling; a 10 step process to assist you into a lifetime of getting thoughts out of your head and into somewhere else – in this case your very own Spells for Wellness Journal. In this workshop you get to make your own set of charms adding just a little bit more magic to the event.

Last but not least, if you have a specific mosaic project you would like to create, then the same fee structure as the BYO table applies.


The fee for tables and special projects is based on the overall area of your piece. See here for pricing.

These workshops are all about enhancing your wellness through many and varied wellness activities, workshops, and weekenders.

Lifelong Learning works within a model of 9-dimensions to assist you in exploring your well-being for overall wellness.

When you come to nourish your wellness, we always ensure we nourish your physical with great food and organic teas. You will enjoy your food and beverage over our TEA House Tables, where you can take in the view and/or engage in great conversation.

Grazing Plate

Contact Di if you would like to explore any of our options or simply to chat.

Looking forward to seeing you soon.


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