Magic of Mosaics

I love mosaics as a metaphor for life. Think about it. Mosaics is the bringing together of broken pieces to create something whole and beautiful. How fabulous that a creative activity not only feeds your soul (spiritual, emotional, social wellness), but also produces a beautiful piece to enhance your home (environmental). I love that working … Continued

Magic of Mosaics: create your own table top

Mosaic Table Top

Table Mosaics

This is a ‘rolling workshop’ available every Saturday.  It is a fabulous hands-on ‘bring-your-own-table’ mosaic workshop (no experience required), designed to get you into the ‘flow’ and enhance your creative wellness. Depending on the size of your table you may not complete it in one sitting. The fee is based on your table dimensions and includes: the table preparation, tiles, glue, grout, cutting implements and design – both colour and precision of patterns plus great conversation and therapeutic benefit. While your table is with us and you come to ‘play’ we will feed you with great local produce and ensure you are well hydrated. Download the flyer for more information …Table Mosaics Flyer

Magic of Mosaics: creative workshop

The Magic of Mosaics workshop explores the CREATIVE dimension plus enables you to appreciate the benefits of being mindful and loving the here and now. You will create a beautiful piece to take home with you and remind you of your Lifelong journey to wellness. This workshop is run over 3 ½ hours and includes the Spells for Wellness Journal.175

My Mosaic Project

Mosaic Table Pictures Many years ago I purchased a beautiful 3 metre long wooden table as I love ‘long table lunches’. That is, a table that is reminiscent of the last supper (in length only) where friends and family sit together and enjoy great food over fantastic conversation. Lunch time hospitality has always been a favourite of mine … Continued

The Creative YOU

The science is in … immersing yourself in creative pursuits is good for your overall well-being. Studies suggest the benefits include a decrease in depressive symptoms, increase in positive emotions and reduction in stress responses. Creative wellness is something that many have likely intuited for a lot of years as beneficial and are now validated … Continued