Magic of Mosaics: create your own table top

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Table Mosaics

**Fees are calculated on the area of the table top.

This is a rolling workshop available every Saturday.  It is a fabulous hands-on bring-your-own-table (or just the top, if it comes apart) mosaic workshop (no experience required), designed to get you into the flow and enhance your creative wellness.

You pay $250 to enrol your table into the workshop with the overall fee based on your table dimensions – calculate the fee here.

The BYO table fee includes: advice on any table top preparation required, tiles, glue, grout, cutting implements and design – both colour and precision of patterns plus great conversation and therapeutic benefit.

While your table is with us and you come to play we will feed you with great local produce and ensure you are well hydrated.

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The joy of creating your own mosaic table top cannot be measured in words.

This is a creative activity that has multiple benefits; the obvious being a beautiful table to share with family and friends. But let me tell you it is also a great form of therapy.

Yes, it’s fiddly. Yes, it’ll take a while. And yes, there’s a lot of tile cutting, placing and most likely replacing of tiles, gluing, grouting and polishing.

I’m sure many fantasise about mosaic tiling; the idea being to add colour to your house by recreating rustic Moroccan or Mexican designs seen in magazines, but most of us just simply never get round to it.

This workshop realises the fantasy and provides the opportunity for you to get in touch with your creative.

You will create a stunning piece, AND enjoy the quiet of the activity … come along, try it, you’ll see.

How it works …

You bring your table, or just the top if it comes apart, and we will coach and guide you:

  • to prepare your table top for its mosaic makeover
  • to design your table top pattern
  • through identifying the colours of tiles that will best suit your design
  • in how to chop and shape your mosaic pieces
  • to lay and glue your tiles into your shapes
  • through the grout and polish activities to finish your piece

This doesn’t happen in a day. So you will probably need a couple or more trips. Your table stays with us until it’s complete.

We can work on it in between your visits if you like, that’s entirely your call.

This workshop is interactive, fun AND challenging and provides opportunity to get into the ‘flow’ and enhance your creative wellness.

Terms and Conditions

  • The cost of this workshop is based on the dimensions of your table. Calculate the fee here.
  • A $250 deposit is required to secure your table in the workshop.
  • Upon receipt of your deposit, you will receive confirmation from us with further detail.
  • All tables must be collected within 14-days of completion, unless otherwise agreed.
  • We feed (fresh local produce) and hydrate (coffee, tea, water) at each sitting, included in the fee.



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