ABOUT ME: Di Granger, and Lifelong Learning.

It started with a yearning for life to be different.

I didn’t know what or how, I just knew it had to change. I moved to the country.

Toodyay is a gorgeous country town just over an hour from Perth. I desired a life at a different pace with a much bigger focus on doing ‘things’ that fill my heart with joy.

I certainly had no idea the absolute bliss this would provide and therein lies a key life lesson – dare to follow your dreams.


Working in the Corporate sector as an OD consultant has been my life.

The hustle for new business, the design and development of various programs to meet the identified needs within an organisation, the scheduling of programs throughout a 12 month and sometimes longer period, aligning the content to contemporary thinking and current research and ensuring the design engages with the participants and provides not only a wonderful experience but the desire to effect change at a personal, team, organisational and often community level.

This may sound tricky, but when you commit your life to your craft, it is glorious.


Over the years I have developed a model of wellness I call the 9-dimensions. Its roots are wide and varied yet it forms the basis of a universal approach to wellness. It identifies 9 distinct areas (of life) we need to nourish in order to feel whole.

The 9-dimensions are: physical, creative, financial, environmental, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, social and emotional.

The model and each of the dimensions forms the basis of the products and services I offer in my Lifelong Learning business. A focus on well-being through immersing in learning activities, is truly magical.

Some creative activities happen in my shed. Yes, I have a shed. While other learning, coaching, and conversational activities are scattered around my country home — by the magic wall — yes, I also have a magic wall, under the pergola, on the front-verandah looking out to the Toodyay hills, and always sitting around stunning mosaic tables sipping organic herbal teas.

Everything I have ever learnt and facilitated in OD just magically happens.


The shed is where my creative dimension is now forever nourished – I mosaic.

To mosaic, is such a wonderful activity; it has a mindfulness, meditative feel. It provides the perfect backdrop for stilling the mind to create clarity around all things called life.

The experience is magical. It absolutely feeds your soul, nourishes your wellbeing and always produces a stunning mosaic piece.


When you come to a session, there is always (bottomless cups of) herbal tea and bowls of fresh fruit to keep you hydrated and nourished.

While you’re here, you can take the opportunity and wander the main street of the Town of Toodyay and immerse yourself into some of the great hospitality on offer.

Is this resonating and calling you?

Contact Di @ Lifelong Learning: 0413 748 884 OR Book into a Workshop.

About Di Granger

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I hold a Bachelor of Arts, am an accredited Myers-Briggs practitioner and a teacher of English as a second language (TESOL). I have Diploma level vocational qualifications in Frontline Management and Training and Assessment. I have completed a course of study in Analytical Psychotherapy and 12 months of a Masters program in Behavioural Science with a research project leading toward a professional doctorate.

I am a long standing VET practitioner and operated as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) within the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF) for almost 20 years providing quality learning and development to many within Western Australia.

I am now operating as a sole Practitioner in Toodyay, I still have links with RTOs and provide a range of products and services within a Learning and Wellness framework.

Take a look around my website, read my stories, browse my products and sign on to follow Lifelong Learning and me.

I look forward to chatting and working with you.

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