Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Trust Trust forms the bedrock of healthy relationships, providing the framework for intimacy, mutual respect, and emotional connection to flourish. However, this delicate balance can be swayed by the psychological phenomenon known as the self-fulfilling prophecy. This concept suggests that our beliefs about others can shape their behaviour in ways that reinforce our initial expectations, … Continued

We become what we think about

We become what we think about It’s a phrase that has resonated through the annals of self-help literature and motivational speeches throughout time, yet its essence transcends mere words. It dives deeply into the core of our being and hints at the transformative potential within. Let’s dissect this idea through the following model co-created with … Continued

The DIET Conundrum

Real Food Author note: I first published this 28 January 2017; still relevant today! Maybe it’s because we are just out of the Christmas-New Year holiday season where we potentially indulge a little more than usual, but the sheer number of conversations that have come up in the past few days about ‘diet’ fascinates me. I have … Continued