Lifelong Learning Workshops

Workshop Image — A space to explore, create clarity and effect change — Lifelong Learning in Toodyay is a country house with a fabulous shed and great spaces for exploring all things life, love and the universe. It’s a place of wellness. We very much live life through the lens of the 9-dimensions of wellness. That is, … Continued

2022 Season

2022 SEASON Lifelong Learning is located in Toodyay WA; the perfect space to relax, breathe in the quiet and immerse yourself in a workshop or activity that will enhance your well-being through a good dose of personal or professional development. BY APPOINTMENT ONLY We love learning, exploring life through LIVE – WORK – PLAY and … Continued

The 9-Dimensions of Wellness

Introduction In 2005, I was asked to design a workshop that explored the power of positive thinking for a group of Human Resource practitioners. Who would’ve thought that this one request would kick start me into a place of no return? Through reading and researching content for the initial concept of that workshop, I became … Continued