About our TEA-House

TEA House Cup Poster The Lifelong Learning TEA-House, located in Toodyay WA, is designed to complement our focus on wellness and to enhance our other products and services. It is a space to relax, breathe in the quiet and enjoy a wonderful tea experience with opportunity to explore various workshops and activities that may take your interest; they are … Continued

TEA and Tapas

Tapas Menu TEA and Tapas It starts with a cocktail on arrival. We call it a Toodyay Tonic. It’s made with White Port from Toodyay’s very own winery Coorinja. It is a wonderful aperitif that sets the scene for the magnificent culinary delight to follow. Chef’s Set Menu – Degustation What an absolutely glorious way to spend … Continued

TEA House

What better way to showcase stunning mosaics and ponder wellness than a visit to Toodyay and the Lifelong Learning TEA House tables collection. Toodyay is located just over 85k from Perth, around an hour and bit by car or you can enjoy the tranquil journey through the Avon Valley via the AvonLink Rail Service. The … Continued

Lifelong Learning Workshops

Workshop Image — A space to explore, create clarity and effect change — Lifelong Learning in Toodyay is a country house with a fabulous shed and great spaces for exploring (life, love and the universe), for seeking clarity (around issues that are perplexing) and effecting change (to realise your potential, whatever that potential may be). It is … Continued