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The Lifelong Learning TEA-House, located in Toodyay WA, is designed to complement our focus on wellness and to enhance our other products and services. It is a space to relax, breathe in the quiet and enjoy a wonderful tea experience with opportunity to explore various workshops and activities that may take your interest; they are all on display at our venue.

We are not a walk-in Café or Restaurant and as we often host special events for various groups through our events focus – we ask that you plan, book and pay for your TEA experience at least a week in advance of your desired date so we don’t disappoint.

Once we have your booking, we will never let you down.


Our TEA-House offers a variety of TEA options, tea tastings and great conversation.

We are open Wednesdays, Fridays, most Saturdays and occasionally Sundays.

You can explore the schedule of dates on our bookings page.


The Wednesday and Friday openings coincide with the AvonLink Rail Service that comes up from East Perth to Toodyay on those days. This fabulous train journey through the beautiful Avon Valley, is a must for everyone at least once.


Lifelong Learning is a mosaic artisan, wellness, learning business located in Toodyay, Western Australia. We offer products, services and events around three key areas:

Wellness – Workshops – Weekenders

Our products and services focus on the mind-body connection; the link between thoughts, attitudes, behaviours and physical health to create overall wellness. We have a model to explore Wellness we call the 9-dimensions that provides a whole of wellness perspective.

Our wellness experiences provide opportunity to discover a range of well-being options to enable you to live life to the full.


Toodyay is a gorgeous historic Town, just over 85k from the Perth CDB, with many accommodation options for you to enjoy a Weekender. You can chill over one activity such as the magic of mosaics or cram many activities that are sure to feed your soul and nourish your wellness.

Chat with Di, if you’d like to know more.


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