What better way to showcase stunning mosaics and ponder wellness than a visit to Toodyay and the Lifelong Learning TEA House tables collection.

Toodyay is located just over 85k from Perth, around an hour and bit by car or you can enjoy the tranquil journey through the Avon Valley via the AvonLink Rail Service. The service leaves from the East Perth train station with plenty of parking available. Bookings are made via TransWA.

TEA House Tables

The Lifelong Learning TEA House provides a range of TEA House options and sitting times with food created by our very own in-house Chef.

It is a wonderful opportunity to take in the country air and immerse into a glorious morning tea, the luxury of a High Tea or an afternoon delight of Tapas and tea.

Check out our TEA House options and sitting times below:

TEA Tastings

You can taste and sip bottomless cups of organic tea while sitting around stunning mosaic tables, pondering what you might like to explore within one of our many wellness workshops.

OR engage with your friends over a choice of TEA-House options and nourish your wellness through simply enjoying the tranquillity of country.

This event is glorious. Bookings are essential.

Contact Di if you’d like to chat more.


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