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— A space to explore, create clarity and effect change —

Lifelong Learning in Toodyay is a country house with a fabulous shed and great spaces for exploring (life, love and the universe), for seeking clarity (around issues that are perplexing) and effecting change (to realise your potential, whatever that potential may be).

It is a peaceful, visually beautiful (looking out toward the hills of Toodyay) space for breathing in the country air and stilling the hectic pace that life often dishes up.

TEA-House Tables

You can sip bottomless cups of organic tea while sitting around stunning mosaic tables, pondering what you might like to explore within one of our many workshops.

Or engage with your friends over a choice of TEA-House options and nourish your wellness through simply enjoying the tranquillity of country.

Magic of Mosaics

We call mosaics magic, because it is. Immersing into the activity of mosaics is a wonderful mindful activity.

You still your mind without even trying, the hectic pace of life with all its ups and downs simply disappears, the conversation that happens in the SHED provides insights and clarity, and the best part? Your heart brims with joy and satisfaction as, along with all the other benefits just described, you get to create a beautiful mosaic piece that is yours forever.

We have beginner sessions, make your own tabletop sessions, create a specific mosaic project session, and when you are ready (that’s code for when you are addicted and can’t stop), we can assist you create your own mosaic installations to beautify all parts of your house and garden.

We use ceramic tiles that you cut, chop and shape into the design of your choice.

Journaling Circle

If you are seeking something more thoughtful and introspective, you can participate in a journaling circle that will introduce you to the wonderful practice of reflective journaling.

This workshop includes the Lifelong Learning Spells for Wellness Journal. Along with space for you to write, draw, and doodle into, it has a spattering of spells. These spells are our contemporary take on the use of affirmations for creating and reaching for better thoughts.

We know that ‘we become what we think about’ so, journaling is a fabulous activity for creating awareness of our thoughts and providing opportunity for ongoing (personal) analysis for creating clarity.

9-Dimensions of Wellness

We also know that being well, is more than not being sick. It is the ongoing focus on our well-being to ensure optimal wellness. We use a model of 9-dimensions to assist in identifying areas that perhaps we need to focus on; areas that need nourishing.

A set of Wellness (oracle) Cards are a permanent place setting in our TEA-House that you can explore when sipping teas around our TEA-House Tables. A great starter for pondering workshops mosaic musings and activities you’d like to immerse in.

Special Events

We also advertise special events from time to time (sign onto our mailing list and stay in the loop). These are always about exploring wellness through different lens but always include – sitting around stunning mosaic tables, sipping organic tea, eating whole, fabulous house-made food and engaging in topics to expand and enrich your wellness.

Your Special Events

Plus, if you have something you’d like to explore or an event that our venue will make pop, let’s chat.

We can cater for sit-down events for up to 30 people and have capacity to build content for team building, communications, leadership or other wellness-based sessions.

Looking forward to welcoming you to Lifelong Learning in Toodyay.

Check out the Workshops below or contact Di to chat some more.

Mid-Week Meander

Multiple datesFrom $47.00 20 Qty Available
This is a glorious Mid-Week Meander through the picturesque Town...

Conscious Conversations

Multiple datesFrom $175.00 6 Qty Available
A Wellness Workshop Start: 10:30am - Finish: 1:30pm followed by...

Just Journal

Multiple datesFrom $195.00 Unlimited tickets
A Wellness Workshop Start: 10:30am – Finish: 3:45pm “To journal...

Magic of Mosaics: create your own table top

5 Qty Available
Table Mosaics **Fees are calculated on the area of the...

Mosaics and Mindfulness

Multiple datesFrom $225.00 5 Qty Available
A Wellness Day-Out Experience the MAGIC of Mosaics and Mindfulness...

Terms and Conditions:

  • All workshop fees are as advertised per person and include refreshments, learning book, journal or hand-outs.
  • Bookings essential.
  • Lifelong Learning encourages you to make the journey via the AvonLink rail service. Bookings can be made through the TransWA website.
  • Cancellations of bookings less than 5-working days are not refundable.

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