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Lifelong Learning is a space dedicated to learning that provides great opportunity to explore all things life, love and the universe.

It’s a place of wellness wherever the space maybe; whether online, in person, at a location or even on a train!

We very much live life through the lens of the 9-dimensions of wellness. That is, the 9-parts of you that need to be nourished in order to be truly well; the mind-body connection.

Journaling Circle

If you are seeking something thoughtful and introspective, you can participate in a journaling circle that will introduce you to the wonderful practice of reflective journaling.

This workshop includes the Lifelong Learning Spells for Wellness Journal. Along with space for you to write, draw, and doodle into, it has a spattering of spells. These spells are our contemporary take on the use of affirmations for creating and reaching for better thoughts.

We know that ‘we become what we think about’ so, journaling is a fabulous activity for creating awareness of our thoughts and providing opportunity for ongoing (personal) analysis for creating clarity.

9-Dimensions of Wellness

In our fast-paced and complex world, achieving a state of holistic well-being has become an essential pursuit for individuals seeking to lead fulfilling and meaningful lives. The concept of wellness extends far beyond the mere absence of illness; it encompasses a multi-faceted approach to nurturing various aspects of our lives.

One comprehensive framework that illuminates these interconnected facets is our model of the Nine Dimensions of Wellness. Rooted in the understanding that our well-being is influenced by a dynamic interplay of physical, emotional, mental, and social factors, this model provides a roadmap for cultivating a harmonious and balanced existence.

Special Events

From time to time we will put on something special (sign onto our mailing list and stay in the loop). These are always about exploring wellness through different lens but always include – a peaceful, nurturing space, sipping organic tea, eating whole, fabulous food and engaging in topics to expand and enrich your wellness.

Your Special Events

Plus, if you have something you’d like to explore, let’s chat.

Looking forward to welcoming you to a Lifelong Learning workshop, hosted in a wonderful peaceful space.

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