This workshop is a great way to start thinking about how WELL you really are!

The Nine-Dimensions is a half-day introductory workshop providing you with the opportunity to explore your-Self and build strategy for lifelong wellness.

It is for people who realise that health is more than the absence of disease or just not being sick. It’s about having a great night’s sleep, waking up with boundless energy, feeling true relaxation, having passion for the work you do, earning the right levels of money and living the best life you can. It’s about being balanced; incorporating the right food, the right exercise, having the right mindset and the right life plan for you. It’s about ensuring quantity and quality of life.

An introduction to the Lifelong Learning 9-Dimensions of Wellness is a half-day workshop, held in Toodyay or at a venue of your choice. The workshops provide you with opportunity to commence your wellness journey and identify strategies to maintain optimal health and wellness all of which you can journal into your Book of Wellness …

Check out the Workshop content and Book into a session to start your Wellness journey.

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