TEA House

What better way to showcase stunning mosaics and ponder wellness than a visit to Toodyay and the Lifelong Learning TEA House tables collection. Toodyay is located just over 85k from Perth, around an hour and bit by car or you can enjoy the tranquil journey through the Avon Valley via the AvonLink Rail Service. The … Continued

Lifelong Learning Workshops

Workshop Image — A space to explore, create clarity and effect change — Lifelong Learning in Toodyay is a country house with a fabulous shed and great spaces for exploring (life, love and the universe), for seeking clarity (around issues that are perplexing) and effecting change (to realise your potential, whatever that potential may be). It is … Continued

A Journaling Circle

Back in the 16th Century a gathering of people for an exchange of ideas or learning was known as a salon. During these gatherings the participants would amuse one another through story and experience to assist the group to increase their knowledge through conversation. The early gatherings consciously followed the Roman poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus, … Continued