Keeping a journal, writing down how you feel is wonderful therapy when embarking on a program of learning, change, and personal development.

It is very powerful to get the thoughts out of our heads and onto paper for ongoing analysis and clarity.

Simply bottling up or constantly thinking about ‘things’ can overwhelm us to the point we start to catastrophise our situation.

That is, the ‘thing’ becomes overwhelming, often creating a position of hopelessness and feelings of helplessness.

The simple act of taking pen to paper and writing eases the enormity of a situation and allows us to identify steps we can take to overcome whatever may be occurring.

This be true. Try it for yourself.

There are no rules to keeping a journal, write as much or as little as you want. Be as creative or not as you wish.

Use colour pens, draw pictures, create a visual diary / journal by cutting and pasting images that depict your point of view.

The point is … journal, journal a lot, and keep journaling.

Do you journal?

Would you like to journal?

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