Spells for Wellness Journal & Charms

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Spells for Wellness Journal and Book Charms bundle

Spells for Wellness Journal

SPELLS for Wellness Journal

Keeping a journal, writing down how you feel is wonderful therapy. Particularly when embarking on a program of learning, change, or personal development.

It is very powerful to get thoughts out of our head and onto paper for ongoing analysis and clarity.

Simply bottling up or constantly thinking about things can overwhelm us to the point we start to catastrophise events and situations in our life.

The simple act of taking pen to paper and writing eases the enormity of any given situation and allows us to identify steps we can take to overcome whatever may be occurring.

Do you journal?


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Book Charms

Journal Book Charms

These beautiful bespoke book charms are available to add magic and charm to your Spells for Wellness Journals.

They can be purchased separately or with a Journal.

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Book Charms


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