The 9-Dimensions of Wellness

Introduction In 2005, I was asked to design a workshop that explored the power of positive thinking for a group of Human Resource practitioners. Who would’ve thought that this one request would kick start me into a place of no return? Through reading and researching content for the initial concept of that workshop, I became … Continued

Lifelong Learning Tours and Events

Wander out Yonder Situated just over an hour from Perth, Toodyay is a fabulous destination for day-trips, overnighters, corporate and social events. TEA House Tables Kick off your visit to Toodyay with a TEA experience over our Lifelong Learning TEA House Tables. Imagine the quiet and still of an idyllic country setting, sipping organic teas, … Continued

Understanding Self through MBTI

MBTI Every time I facilitate a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) workshop I am always delighted at just how useful it is as a methodology for understanding Self. It came about through the work of Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myer. They wanted a tool that would make the work of Psychologist Carl Gustav … Continued

The Power of Gratitude

It is always opportune to simply kick back from time to time and reflect on what is working in our lives. That is, what is it that we are truly grateful for? Gratitude is something we tend to overlook. How many of us reflect on those things we perceive to not be working as opposed … Continued

The Tolerance of Integration

I love to ponder life, love, the universe, all its mysteries and the lessons to be learned. I have always hung out in that learning and development space providing training and coaching, predominantly to the corporate sector. My strength is adding my ‘take’ on standard learning around leadership, people and communication. I always said my … Continued