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Starting SPELL

Hello … and welcome to my SPELLS page!


I have written SPELLS to fit within each of the nine-dimensions of Wellness to assist us make the changes we want and need in our life.

Spells are simply a fun way of working with positive affirmations.

To affirm something is to agree and acknowledge the sentence or statement that is being said or read. Affirmations therefore are simply you being in conscious control of your thoughts.

Spells are invocations. That is, the action of invoking someone or something.  So spells in context to our wellness is the act of invoking our positive thoughts into action to achieve the outcomes we are seeking.

Take a moment to read and digest the content of the Starting Spell shown above.  It is designed to invoke the divine design of your life … to get you started on achieving your potential, whatever that may be.

Recent spells

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Spells for Wellness

2 hours 24 minutes ago

It's winter here in the southern hemisphere, the time for colds and flu. Thyme tea is the perfect brew to keep you whole while rejoicing all that is life. Brew fresh or dried thyme into a tea and drink as you invoke this spell ... #wellness #spells #lifelonglearning

Spells for Wellness

1 week 5 hours ago

Take a moment right now and fully immerse in the present; the here and now. Being mindful in the moment is a joyous space. The past may bring regret, the future may create anxiety, yet the present moment, in the stillness of being mindful is perfect. Learn to live in the here and now and forever appreciate all that is around you #spells #wellness #lifelonglearning

A SPELL just for you – Bespoke SPELLS

Would you like a SPELL just for you, to assist in achieving a life desire?

Tell me a little about yourself and your desire:

SPELLS will often change your life dramatically or simply provide you with a moment of positive thought and uplift.

A bespoke SPELL is my gift to you, to assist in enabling you to achieve your every desire or in this case your one desire.

Invoke your SPELL with love and gratitude and watch your life change.

Let me know how this works out for you. It would be great also if you love your SPELL to make a donation so I can continue to write SPELLS for those that would like them.

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