Conscious Conversations

A good coach can motivate you to think about your approach to life differently and a great coach can motivate you to achieve the change or create the path you are seeking.

These are coaching sessions, authentic conscious conversations designed around what YOU need. The first session sets the framework and the expectations for your success.

I am a coach, writer, facilitator, trainer, business person, entrepreneur, mum, partner, ex-wife, colleague and friend with years of experience in learning and development. I have worked with individuals, teams, organisations and communities, assisting to achieve their end goals and potential, whatever that may be. I choose now only to work with individuals within a framework of Wellness and the mind-body connection. I have built on a universal model of wellness and identified nine (9) dimensions of Self (the person) that need nourishment in order for us to be whole.

Wellness WheelThe model of 9-dimensions is a great starting point for identifying any aspects of life that you may want to change or do something different or better.

Einstein says ‘its the first sign of insanity doing the same thing, expecting a different outcome’ so if there is something in your life that is niggling or doesn’t feel right, this is your space to explore what that may be and design strategies to enable something different or better.

Take a moment to browse this site, there are Workshops that may interest you, or enjoy an organic tea or two and some tasty house-made treats over our TEA-House Tables, while pondering wellness activities you can immerse into.

You can also participate in self-learning through our Learning bites. There are many topics to choose from that all fit within one of the 9-dimensions of Wellness.

Contact me to discuss how coaching might be useful for you.