In the pursuit of leadership excellence, we often find ourselves entangled in the mechanics of “how” — how to lead, how to achieve success, how to navigate challenges. Yet, at the core of effective leadership lies a deeper, more profound question: WHY?

Bernice McCarthy’s Four Mat Model provides a framework for understanding the learning process, emphasising the importance of addressing WHY before delving into HOW, WHAT, and IF. This model highlights the intrinsic motivation that stems from discovering our purpose and understanding the reasons behind our actions.

Diving into the annals of personal development, we encounter the wisdom of the founding mothers and fathers who emphasised the significance of aligning our goals with our values and passions. Visionaries like Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, and Stephen Covey underscored the transformative power of purpose-driven leadership, urging individuals to unearth their WHY as the foundation for personal and professional fulfilment.

In the modern landscape of leadership philosophy, Simon Sinek’s seminal work on “Start With Why” resonates profoundly. Sinek explores how great leaders and organisations inspire action by articulating their purpose — their WHY — before focusing on the HOW and WHAT. By connecting with people on an emotional level, leaders ignite passion, loyalty, and commitment.

Consider the pursuit of a goal, such as attaining a million dollars. While the monetary figure may seem daunting and abstract, it merely represents a tangible outcome. However, when we shift our perspective to uncover the underlying WHY — perhaps the desire for financial security, freedom, or the ability to make a difference — the goal becomes infused with meaning and significance.

Leadership, at its essence, is about more than just achieving objectives; it’s about guiding individuals and organisations on a journey of self-discovery and growth. When we anchor our leadership in a clear sense of purpose, we inspire others to join us in realising a shared vision.

Ultimately, unlocking the WHY of leadership transcends mere strategy or technique; it taps into the fundamental human need for meaning and connection. By embracing our WHY, we cultivate authenticity, resilience, and impact — propelling us to BE, DO, and HAVE the life we desire.

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