Conscious Conversations

What is the one thing we women do really well when it comes to sorting issues and building relationship?

Lunch. We do lunch.

I have written about this previously in a story titled The Fellowship of Females.

Lunch with our mates (often referred to as tribe) whether just one other or 20 others is something instilled into us from a very young age.

It is almost ritual in nature and the conversation is glorious.

Without fail, the afterglow of a long lunch remains with us for hours if not days.

Imagine then, a long table lunch that explores specific topics designed to get you thinking about life, love and the universe over great food and beverage.

Long table learning lunches provide a safe space for those that inherently know some aspects of life could be different or better and would like to hang out with like-minded folk to listen to perspective, engage in conscious conversations, share views and build strategy.

Does this take your fancy?

Lifelong Learning is hosting these lunches as an autumn special from March through to May 2019 in the picturesque Town of Toodyay.


  • Catch the AvonLink from East Perth departing at 8:55am arriving in Toodyay 10:07am
  • The Lifelong Learning van will be at the train station to greet you
  • A comfort break followed by morning tea will be served
  • Tour / activity commences
  • Seated for lunch at 11:45
  • Learning lunch from 12 – 2:30pm
  • Back to the train station by 2:55pm to depart Toodyay for East Perth (departure times vary: Mon 3:06pm – Wed 3:14pm – Fri 3:01pm)

Here’s a few ideas for potential conversations:

  • Learn about Self, using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) ®
  • TRUST: what is it and where does it fit in relationships?
  • Conscious Conversations: let’s make conversations work!
  • Feel the earth under your feet: being grounded

Check out the dates and topics, grab your tribe and enjoy a long table learning lunch experience with us.

Schedule coming soon.

Leave a comment and let me know your interested. Maybe even suggest a topic for discussion?

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