The spiritual YOU needs to feel uplifted by the beauty of the world and nature. This aspect of you needs anything that feeds your inner self and makes you marvel and wonder at the mystery of life. The spiritual you will often question life; your purpose and if there is more. It is your spiritual self that begins to seek answers and experience the desire to want more from life and not usually in the physical realm.

Exploring and learning about your spiritual dimension is all about learning more about YOU, finding and defining your meaning and purpose. How can there not be a case for that? What is the alternative?

Research will tell you ‘we are happier and healthier’ when we can deal with the irritants that life throws at us and are willing to seek solutions; this ability is often referred to as resilience. We become resilient through understanding the role we play in interactions, relationships and the choices we make along the way. Everything we have been exploring so far.

This dimension has the potential to get overlooked or even dismissed entirely. Many associate Spiritual Wellness, or spirituality as it is commonly referred, with either having some sort of religious base or it being about peace, love and coca cola type psychobabble. It is neither. It is imperative.

Spiritual wellness actually has its roots in many psychological models through the study of human nature. There are the classics, starting with Carl Jung and ‘individuation’, Roberto Assagioli and the ‘superconscious’, Abraham Maslow and ‘self-actualisation’, and the more contemporary approaches through the emerging fields of positive psychology, attributable to Martin Seligman and various branches of neuroscience, which investigates brain states to consider the relationship to well-being.

Your spiritual wellness needs be nourished and exercised regularly. Your spiritual growth relies on YOU to create opportunities to engage in meaningful reflection of your inner core Self.

Here are five (5) things you can do right now to nourish your Spiritual dimension:

  1. be still, sit quietly and ponder – listen to your thoughts
  2. practise gratitude
  3. journal, and journal some more
  4. walk in the park, around the block, learn to meditate and/or yoga
  5. cuddle your dog/cat; if you don’t have an animal, journal some more.

Book into a Workshop or a Long Table Learning Lunch or purchase a Spells for Wellness Journal with magical Book Charms as a tool for clarity of thought.


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