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Learning the art of Receiving ...

Here’s the thing about achieving success and creating the life we truly want. We do actually have to believe we are worthy of it and be willing to receive it.

It … being everything we hope will be part of achieving this perfect wonderful life.

Catherine Ponder, an American Minister and inspirational author of many books in the field of prosperity talks about ‘opening your mind to receive.’ She says “most of us have endured a narrow existence, blocking the good from getting through to us and there is nothing divine about a narrow, limited way of life.”

The essence of her message is learning to receive, learning to accept graciousness from others. Sounds reasonable, right?

In reality however, think about how you feel when someone does actually do something for you. Does it make you feel obligated to return the deed, feel somewhat of a failure because you required assistance or do you simply soak it up, say thank you and accept with joy the graciousness offered to you?

If the latter, well done; if the former you are not alone and it is this we need to reflect on.

In the words of Earl Nightingale ‘we become what we think about.’ These six (6) words are crucial for us to fully digest the impact our thoughts have on our lives. You may be absolutely focussed on manifesting the new job that will bring with it the higher income so you can buy the house of your dreams. However, deep down buried in your un-consciousness you may harbour doubt. Doubt, that you are not good enough for the job, that you are an unlikely contender and will never be able to afford the house of your dreams. You are not ready or willing to receive the abundance that is yours; you are blocking this from your life!

It is important to note that according to the immutable laws of the universe, everything we want has already been given to us. It is here and available, we simply have to open our hearts, mind and soul to receive.

That is, we need to believe to receive.

So how do we prepare for receiving? Start with a simple thank you, I have written about this before – you can read it here – for any small gestures of assistance offered to you. Such as, I am heading to the cafeteria; can I get you a coffee? Rather than feel embarrassed by the gesture or not wanting to have to reciprocate at some point, say thank you, yes that would be great. Allow the other person the opportunity to give by undertaking this small gesture. I think we all understand the benefits of giving, so by receiving we are allowing others to give through receiving or accepting the gesture with grace.

Giving is very much associated with receiving, and most of us will prefer to give than to receive. So we are going to make the assumption that it is a given you know how to give and that this lesson is about the art of receiving.

So start thinking about receiving. How do you receive? What are your thoughts around receiving? What might you need to do to better prepare for receiving?

As Florence Shinn talks about in her book ‘The game of life and how to play it’ pluck your desires from the catalogue of life and demand that they come. However, all the demanding in the world won’t manifest your desires if you are not willing or able to actually receive them.

Here’s your Receive SPELL

Incant it daily and watch your life change.

In between the invocation simply repeat these Catherine Ponder words:

I am receiving. I am receiving now. I am receiving all the abundance that the universe has for me now.

* abundance in this context is health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression, often referred to as the square of life!

Happy Learning

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful insights I’ve had from this blog. I certainly need to work on receiving. I will start with your spell, then start small and work on my daily interactions and we will see how I go with receiving from the universe! That’s my plan for July – thanks Di!

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