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the Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts
Conversational Australian English

explore the 9-dimensions,
connect mind to body


enable your potential
through learning


experience the delights
of the Avon Valley


Life is full of possibilities. And you are full of potential.

Lifelong Learning is the continuous and conscious action of seeking knowledge and skills to enhance your wellness.

Are you a Lifelong Learner?

We have a range of activities that will nourish your well-being within the following three areas:


Wellness is the key to achieving the life you desire. It’s the conscious, self-directed and active process of enabling potential, especially when pursued as a life goal. Explore the 9-dimensions to enhance your wellness and better understand the mind-body connection.


Are you a Lifelong Learner? Explore options for continuous learning through the many workshops available. These are designed to enhance your personal and professional well-being through a variety of topics within the nine dimensions for optimum wellness.


Come for a day, or stay for the weekend. Enjoy the quiet and still of an idyllic country setting, sipping organic teas, savouring house-made food while sitting around stunning mosaic tables, pondering the many wellness activities you can immerse into.

TEA House

What better way to showcase stunning mosaics and ponder wellness than a visit to Toodyay and the Lifelong Learning TEA House tables collection.

Toodyay is located just over 85k from Perth, around an hour and bit by car or you can enjoy the tranquil journey through the Avon Valley via the AvonLink Rail Service. The service leaves from the East Perth train station with plenty of parking available. Bookings are made via TransWA.

TEA House Tables

The Lifelong Learning TEA House provides a range of TEA House options and sitting times with food created by our very own in-house Chef.

Check out our TEA House Menu OR Click here to book your seat.


Create the Life You Want

Consciously and passionately enable your potential to create the life you want
through a philosophy of Lifelong Learning.

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