The occupational YOU means being able to identify your skills, abilities, and interests in order to incorporate them into your life’s work. Being willing to continually learn and explore many career options keeps you flexible and able to respond to different economic cycles. Being a lifelong learner opens new possibilities for finding talents, interests, and passions that may develop into a career.

The ability to work at a job that you feel passionate about enables you to obtain higher job satisfaction. Putting your skills and abilities to use, you gain a sense of purpose and meaning and enrich your life.

An occupationally aware person seeks to find a healthy balance between social and work life and has examined many different interpretations of success to define what it may mean. An occupationally aware person sets goals and builds strategies to attain them.

Here are 6 questions that will validate your occupational wellness:

  1. Do I love my job?
  2. Am I doing work that I find motivating and interesting?
  3. Do I balance leisure with work?
  4. Am I able to communicate and collaborate with others?
  5. Do I feel inspired and challenged?
  6. Do I come away at the end of the day feeling good about the work I accomplished?

Where do you sit in the work-life balance conundrum?

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