Understanding Self through MBTI


Every time I facilitate a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) workshop I am always delighted at just how useful it is as a methodology for understanding Self. It came about through the work of Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myer. They wanted a tool that would make the work of Psychologist Carl Gustav […]

ACTIVITY – Creating Resolve

I AM capable, I AM resilient, I AM successful, I AM a money magnet, I AM safe, I AM loved ♥ Is there something you are puzzling over right now? Not sure what to do? Is there something that is making you toss and turn at night? Something you are worried about? Let me assure […]

Hocus Pocus SPELLS to Focus


Spells are a way of calling on a higher Deity to assist us to achieve what we most want from life. I am a firm believer that we become what we think about, so therefore I think a lot about how grateful I am; how happy I am; and how I can continue to ensure […]


friends socialising in a bar

The fellowship of females kicked in one Friday night and we agreed a few glasses of bubbles were in order. We met in a bar in a trendy part of town chatting, catching up on life, love and the universe when a rather nice to look at man caught my eye. It’s funny don’t you […]


Women being happy

I was having lunch with the girls recently and noticed the many other tables of women of varying age and group size out to lunch also. Lunch with the girls is a ritual, something we are initiated into at a very early age and continue on until we can’t anymore. We lunch in pairs or […]