Change: It’s a funny thing

I have embarked on a new chapter of my life. I have undertaken a tree change to a lovely country town about 80k out of Perth in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia. My two dogs Rusty and Jasper are on this ride with me, albeit Rusty a little tentative with all things unfamiliar. I … Continued

Practising Gratitude

It always seems like we never really value the simple things in life, like a thank you. Saying thank you costs us nothing, yet the value of a thank you is almost immeasurable. I recall having this very conversation with a bunch of leaders in various leadership forums, over many years and I got to … Continued

The Environmental YOU …

Each of the Nine Dimensions needs to be nourished in order to achieve overall wellness. The environmental dimension can have different meaning for each of us, but in essence the environmental YOU understands the need for clean air, pure water, quality food, adequate shelter, satisfactory work conditions, personal safety, and healthy relationships. Environmental wellness encompasses … Continued

Balance and Perspective

“Our actions are motivated in order to achieve certain needs” Abraham Maslow, of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs fame says that we all have levels of need and that only when one level is met can we move onto the next and then through all levels to achieve ‘self actualisation.’ His model is a five-staged approach … Continued