Lifelong Learning Workshops

Learning is the key to enabling potential

Your potential, is yours.

What you do, how you achieve, the choices you make, are all yours.

From the moment we are born, we are learning. Some of those learnings provide a better grounding for life than others, but nevertheless we are constantly learning.

Alvin Toffler says ‘the illiterate of the 21stcentury are not those that can’t read or write, but those that can’t learn, unlearn and relearn.’

Many years ago I registered my business name Lifelong Learning. I love the idea of learning always. I believe we should never stop learning; we should never cease to be enthralled by the ‘stuff’ that life dishes up.

Learning can happen anywhere, anytime

In fact, here is a great learning and development model called the 70:20:10 rule. It goes like this:

Learn through doing – 70%

This is about learning from your experiences, whether life in general or life at work.

Create discipline around journaling often about your experiences with life and then have great conscious conversations around your journal with me and/or members of the various Lifelong Learning facebook groups you can join, long table learning lunches you can participate in and workshops you can attend.

To learn always, from every experience is about noticing what’s happening around you. Through identifying feelings that are invoked, observing others, sharing stories, participating in activities that help you grow, building strategies to do it different, and journaling everything along the way as a record of what was and what is.

Learn through others – 20%

This is about learning with and through others from coaching, participating in groups (social, community and work) and other collaborative activities.

It’s about taking note of what is happening in life, how you react and respond to life events, the effects on your well-being and then ‘bouncing’ that off others for perspective and building strategy for doing something different or better.

Learn through (attending) workshops – 10%

This is about learning and developing through structured courses, programs and workshops.

I have been designing, developing and facilitating learning (workshops) for many years around a variety of topics all with one simple outcome in mind: creating and living the life you desire through enabling potential.

How is learning linked to wellness?

Being well is more than just being free from illness.

It means understanding that life is multi-dimensional and every dimension (or part of life) needs to be nourished. Just as our physical dimension – the body – needs food and water in order to stay alive, so do the other dimensions require nourishment in order to support our well-being and therefore overall wellness.

I’ve been exploring the concept of wellness for many years now and work with a model of 9-dimensions.

These are: physical, emotional, social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental, financial and creative.

The 9-dimensions enables you to explore work-life balance and the mind-body connection and to better understand what makes and keeps us whole.

The more we learn to take responsibility for life, and to be accountable for the roles we play in life, the more likely we are of enabling our potential to achieve success andcreate the life we desire, whatever that may be.

Being an active and participating player of life, willing to problem solve, open to trying new ways of thinking and being is the key.

Einstein said ‘It is the first sign of insanity to keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome.’

Lifelong Learning workshops are designed to boost your wellness through the model of the 9-dimensions as a tool for growth and development.

70% – Learn through life and your experiences.

30% – Participate in conscious conversations over long table learning lunches and learn and grow from interacting with others.

10% – Learn by attending an interactive, fun and engaging workshop around a variety of topics that all sit within the 9-dimensions of wellness.

Can you have the life you want?

Indeed. If you are willing to learn and grow from whatever life dishes up.

Life is your best teacher; it’s simply about you being a lifelong learner.

Happy Learning!


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