Wellness, Witchcraft and Wonder is our Lifelong Learning signature learning piece that:

  • explores wellness through the prism of 9-dimensions,
  • connects you with the magic you have within, while
  • constantly creating wonder at the abundance surrounding you.

Wellness, Witchcraft and Wonder provides engaging encounters and enlightening experiences through workshops, books, e-learning, conscious conversations, long table learning lunches, immersion weekends, and magical moments.

Every so often we also host a Wellness, Witchcraft and Wine event; a fabulous long table learning lunch experience with awesome people, who, like you enjoy the energy that great conscious conversations generate.


You know that wellness is more than just being free from illness – yes?

It’s about understanding that the whole you is multi-dimensional and every dimension (or aspect of you) needs to be nourished. Just as your physical dimension – the body – needs food and water in order to stay alive, so the other dimensions also require nourishment in order to support your well-being (being well) and therefore your wellness.

I’ve been exploring the concept of wellness for many years now and approach wellness from a model of 9-dimensions. That is, to be well is to ensure that each of the 9-dimensions (parts of you) are nourished.

The 9-Dimensions

The dimensions are: physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual, occupational, environmental, financial and creative.

Have you thought about your wellness in terms of dimensions before?

Probably not. Yet lack of nourishment undoubtedly plays out in your life in terms of feeling there has to be more; a sense of restlessness. This can also be a sense of unhappiness, feeling bored, being in a loveless (lonely) relationship, illness (opposite of wellness) or some sort of drastic life change or loss.

The 9-dimensions of wellness model provides opportunity for self-exploration. It highlights where you may focus on your occupational wellness, like getting and keeping the ‘great’ job with ‘great’ money but feeling conflicted because you don’t have time to spend with the kids or energy to maintain your relationships. This feeling of being out of kilter is the beginnings of needing to do something different or better.

Are you experiencing thoughts like this?

If so, it’s all about choice.

You can ignore your thoughts and no doubt justify why you should ignore your thoughts, or you can choose to do something different or better?

If you choose to ignore, know… that’s a pretty stock standard response.

So standard in fact, it’s often referred to as the D-B-Js; deny – blame – justify.

A standard response to many life events is often to deny your involvement or ability to control, blame others or the life event itself and/or justify your position as to why you do nothing different, simply because you can, and simply because it feels ‘safe’.


You know witches of old were simply herbalists, with great knowing and empathy that provided healing – right?

Nothing sinister here.

Witchcraft is about harnessing your power, invoking your magic to create the life you desire. This be true.

Choice, or more importantly owning your choices is key to living the life you desire.

It starts with a question …what if?

What if, all the magic you require, you already have?

You see, by ignoring your thoughts, you ignore the opportunity for change or to truly create and live the life you desire. Many of us probably think we control our thoughts. But, what if thoughts pop into our heads from deep within our sub-conscious? What if these sub-conscious thoughts are actually a message (a sign!) that something in our life needs to be different or better? How do we determine if the thoughts we have are from our rational conscious (ego) mind, or something deeper and not explored (yet)?


The wonder of creating the life you truly desire and watching it unfold, is truly awesome; where every day brings joy and gratitude to have the experience of life, whatever that may be – agree?

Learning creates the wonder.

We learn that our thoughts are powerful things.

Sometimes our thoughts are conscious; we are aware where the thought comes from and are comfortable (mostly) with it. Other times our thoughts may seem random and uncomfortable. Usually because, we have no framework in which to determine where the thought has come from, so often we will simply dismiss it. The latter is often something that is deeply embedded within our sub-conscious and it takes a while for us to acknowledge we need to action something around the thought.

Ultimately, we either value our thoughts through paying attention and acting or we simply dismiss them, often to our detriment.

This is the wonder of bringing together wellness and witchcraft.

Wellness is the connection between the mind and the body, witchcraft is knowing we have all the magic required which, in turns provides a constant source of wonder; the constant delight we experience when we pay attention to our thoughts and act on them.

3-Step Process

The learning is a simple three (3) step process:

Step 1: pay attention to every thought that ever pops into your head.

Step 2: journal (write down) what you think about, no matter how daft or random it may seem, so you can create memory for ongoing analysis (simple analysis, nothing onerous).

Step 3: after a while, you will start to identify how your thoughts impact (enhance or impede) your wellness. How your thoughts can potentially set you up for success or failure. How your thoughts can take you down your true (Divine) path or the path of other’s expectations.

To pay attention is to create consciousness

Your wellness, when you pay attention will let you know if you are being true to you or if you are living a life not authentic.

This is Wellness, Witchcraft and Wonder.

Let’s keep the conversation going.

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