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Our recent 9 Dimensions of Wellness Starter Workshop was absolutely fabulous.

The participants chose the AvonLink Train Service as their preferred mode of travel and enjoyed the scenic and relaxing journey through the Avon Valley.

Toodyay Train StationThe train leaves from the East Perth terminal where plenty of parking is available, then you hop on, kick back and enjoy the ride.

We meet you at the Toodyay Train Station and depending on the weather, we either walk or are transported to the venue. We provide parasols to keep the sun off.

Parasols at the train station

Workshops are usually run between April and the end of September. It was a bit of a risk, hosting this workshop in February; potentially one of the hottest months in summer. But as it turned out the weather was mild enough in the morning to be outside, but after about 11am, inside we went.

Toodyay, sits in the Avon Valley located in the Wheatbelt of WA, approximately just over an hour from the City and 45 minutes from Midland, so hot in summer is part of the deal.

Morning tea is waiting upon arrival. It is served on one of my Magic of Mosaics table. Mosaicing is a great wellness activity, both from a therapeutic and creative perspective, you’ll hear lots more about this activity as our time together builds.

Our wellness workshops are designed to enhance your overall well-being through all your senses (which of course is what wellness is all about): see, hear, smell, taste, touch.

Here we are, enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and fabulous morning tea under the umbrellas on the Mosaics table. Settling in before the workshop kicks off at 10:30am.

All workshops are a maximum number of eight (8) participants, providing plenty of opportunity for great conscious conversations.

Doesn’t the mosaic table look fabulous?

The Wellness Starter Workshop is designed to introduce you to the 9-dimensions of Wellness; a model that provides opportunity to focus on the whole of YOU in order to create consciousness that being well is much more than just not being sick.

The workshop runs over 4 hours and includes a sumptuous lunch of whole locally produced food.

We like to enhance your learning over Long table learning lunches with great Conscious Conversations.

The Starter Workshop not only includes magnificent whole foods and choice of beverage but also the Wellness Starter workbook. The workbook maps the content of the session and provides opportunity for you to experience the meditative and therapeutic value of journaling while assisting you to plot your Wellness journey.

Book Covers

There are break-out moments throughout the workshop, where you get to have great conversation with the other participants. The break-out areas show-case more mosaic tables and the many views of the Toodyay countryside.

Being a lifelong learner and returning for multiple learning experiences provides opportunity to see the countryside through the seasons.

Each season provides beauty in the outer environment while nourishing your inner well-being or you can simply talk with the chooks, this is Millie …

And just in case you’re feeling a bit peckish after lunch, we provide a grazing plate to keep you going until time to wind up and get you down to the Train Station for your journey back to the City.

Grazing Plate

This is a fabulous workshop that explores wellness through the prism of 9-dimensions.

It provides opportunity for you to reflect on your well-being and create strategy for doing something different or better should you decide there are parts of you that need nourishment.

It is a day-event from Perth.

Drive or take the train and start your wellness experience by relaxing on the AvonLink Service while enjoying the beauty of the Avon Valley.

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