My approach to Wellness started many years ago, when I was asked to design a workshop that explored the power of positive thinking for a group of Human Resource practitioners.

The Manager had heard that this concept might just be worth exploring and could have something to it!

Who would’ve thought that this one request would kick start me into a place of no return? Through reading and researching content for the initial concept of that workshop, I became more and more hooked on the idea of Wellness and grew my offerings into a series of workshops that explore the notion comprehensively. In particular, the one thing that really struck me was the relationship between the mind and body.

The 9-dimensions of Wellness and the complementary Book of Wellness (journal) is the model that underpins my whole wellness philosophy. It provides a do-it-yourself approach to Wellness with a bunch of stories, activities and strategies for assisting you to explore YOU.

It provides you with opportunity to take charge of the life you have and build strategy for doing something different or better.

Yes. It’s about change. I know. Change is a scary thing for some.

However, as Albert Einstein says ‘it is the first sign of insanity to keep doing the same thing, hoping for a different outcome.’

So here’s the thing. You only truly have control over YOU. If you want something to be different or better in your life it has to start with YOU.

It is just wishful thinking with a dollop of hope that your partner, colleague, boss, parent, sibling or children will morph into something more preferable or appealing to you. How long are you prepared to wait?

Wishing and hoping for change is akin to expecting the fairy godmother to show up at any moment and grant you that one wish that will potentially change your life forever!

In other words, wishing and hoping suggests that control over your life is external to YOU and that everything that happens simply happens because that is the way life is. Like, ‘oh well that’s my destiny’ OR ‘everything happens for a reason.’

My question to you is … what if?

What if, that’s absolute nonsense and simply not so?

What if, all the magic you require you already have?

What if, you are in control and all that needs to happen is for you to learn to think differently and create belief in your own power; create belief in YOU?

What if, you could learn that life is all about choice and every choice you make; even when you think you don’t have a choice is actually, a choice in itself?

I’ve been exploring these concepts for a long time now and have got to say, the more able we are to take responsibility for life and the more willing we are to be accountable for the roles we play in life, the more likely we are of achieving success AND creating the life we long for!

It’s about being an active participant. The key is being willing to problem solve and be open to trying new ways of thinking, doing and being.

Over the years I’ve come to realise that life is all about our thoughts, beliefs and the subsequent choices we make. We absolutely need to be balanced and whole; we need to be well in mind, body and spirit.

Being well is more than just being free from illness. While that is definitely one way to look at wellness, it is about much more. It means understanding that life is multi-dimensional and every dimension of life needs to be nourished. Just as our physical dimension – the body – needs food and water in order to stay alive, the other dimensions need nourishment too.

You perhaps have never considered your wellness in terms of 9 dimensions or aspects, yet I’m very confident that once you do, you will come to realise just how starved of nourishment some parts of YOU maybe.

We can’t make good choices if we are not operating from a place of being ‘whole.’

So what are the dimensions? I use 9 of them: emotional, social, environmental, spiritual, occupational, intellectual, physical, financial and creative.

I have drawn from a standard model, which doesn’t have roots with any one researcher; rather it is used as the basis for many wellness models worldwide.

The series of Wellness workshops will enable you to explore the 9-dimensions of wellness as a way of being; a way of enabling you to achieve, according to Florence Shinn, the square of life – health, wealth, love and perfect self-expression.

The only thing that needs to happen is for you to want to become an active, willing learner.

The 9-dimensions enables you to explore all aspects of the mind-body connection, to build depth of understanding that the work and learning you undertake all contributes to the health and wellness of not only individuals, but groups, organisations and communities.

So, can you have the life you want?

Indeed, you can. It’s all about you, knowing that life is full of possibilities and you are full of potential.

Happy Learning!

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