NEW for 2021 Season

The Lifelong Learning TEA-House opened this Season in April and is serving up TEAS and TREATS in Toodyay.

Our TEA House Tables will truly make a trip to the country a magical moment of mosaic musings.

Imagine the quiet and still of an idyllic country setting, sipping organic teas, savouring nourishing house-made food while sitting around stunning mosaic tables, pondering the many wellness activities you can immerse yourself into.

Tea House Tables

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High Tea options are offered through-out the day, to complement exploring the many activities you can immerse into to nourish your wellness. Every session includes a fun table activity to muse over OR simply breathe in and enjoy the peaceful ambience over great food and tea.

Commencing at 10:30 for a Low-Tea, Devonshire-Tea, or a Mid-Tea. Followed at 12:30 and again at 2:30 for a High-Tea, with the last option at 4:30pm for TAPAS and Tea.

Each session has a duration of 2-hours and always includes bottom-less cups of tea and tea tastings to explore various tea flavours and wellness attributes.

A complimentary tipple is included with our afternoon sessions to add that little bit of extra sparkle to your country mosaic experience OR, if you prefer, sample some of our iced teas OR both!

Menus are seasonal, created by our Lifelong Learning Chef, and are sumptuous.

Depending on your TEA-House option choice, the menus always comprise an array of sandwiches, scones, and selection of baked savoury and sweet delights.

Season Dates

TEA-HOUSE Tables operates within the Lifelong Learning Magic of Mosaics Season between April and October, every Wednesday, Friday and alternate Saturdays and Sundays.

Catch the Train

You can enjoy a relaxing trip through the Avon Valley on Wednesdays and Fridays and come up on the AvonLink Rail service operating as the MerredinLink on these days.

The train arrives into Toodyay just after 10am.

All participants, whether you come to muse or participate in a workshop, will enjoy a choice of high tea options, organic teas, including tea tastings and engage in wellness conversations while breathing in the stillness of the surrounds and beautiful views that the scenery of Toodyay has to offer.

Use the links below to book your Tea option:

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Lifelong Learning is an accredited Quality Tourism Business and is able to provide complimentary alcohol as part of the Tourism Council WA partnership with the WA State Government.


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