The Book of Wellness (e-series)


The Book of Wellness is about exploring the magic of the mind-body connection through a model of 9-dimensions.

You can read the story of how it all started here.

The book is a series of e-books designed to provide you with small digestible chunks of learning available whenever you are ready to explore.

Over time, it will become your very own Book of Magic, as it supports and guides you to along your path of realising the life you desire.

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By exploring life through a lens of 9-dimensions, this Book of Wellness e-series, will assist you to find everything you need to create the life you desire.

Life is complex, and full of surprises, but it’s ultimately all about you.

You create your reality. Your life is what you make it.

In reality, other people liking you is a bonus.
You liking yourself is the real prize.
~ Unknown

It’s about deciding what’s important, and consistently reaching for the life you desire. When we are intentional, we surprise ourselves with what we can realise, that’s the magic!


You can purchase all or some of the parts and join The Book of Wellness (private) Facebook group for questions and answers, great conversations, exploring the parts, seeking clarity and more.

From time to time I will invite guests to the group for depth of perspective around the concepts we will be exploring.

This is about life. It’s about enabling potential, whatever that potential may be.

It’s about you.

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Part 1: Let your Wellness journey begin, Part 2: The thing about journaling, Part 3: Looking at you, Part 4: Affirmations, spells and magic


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