Spells for Wellness Journal


SPELLS for Wellness Journal

Keeping a journal, writing down how you feel is wonderful therapy. Particularly when embarking on a program of learning, change, or personal development.

It is very powerful to get thoughts out of our head and onto paper for ongoing analysis and clarity.

Simply bottling up or constantly thinking about things can overwhelm us to the point we start to catastrophise events and situations in our life.

The simple act of taking pen to paper and writing eases the enormity of any given situation and allows us to identify steps we can take to overcome whatever may be occurring.

Do you journal?

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SPELLS for Wellness Journal

A journal with a difference. It has a spattering of SPELLS … magic!


SPELLS assist you in practising the art of positive thinking; of being mindful that ‘we become what we think about’ and therefore we should focus on better understanding our thoughts in order to create the life we truly want.

SPELLS are for you to invoke your MAGIC to create the life you desire.


SPELLS, in my world are a contemporary take on affirmations. To affirm something is to agree and acknowledge what is being said or read.

Affirmations therefore, are simply you being in conscious control of your thoughts.

SPELLS are invocations. That is, the action of invoking something.

So, SPELLS in context to wellness, is the act of invoking positive thoughts into action to achieve the outcomes we seek.

Back to Journaling …

Do you journal currently? Have you ever journaled?

Often people say to me ‘I don’t know how to journal.’

If that’s you, don’t worry. I have written a piece called Just Journal to help you get started.

It’s a 10 (ten) step process, that looks similar to the following.

Plus I am always happy to be your coach, should you need further assistance to get going or simply to have a chat.

If you haven’t already, join my Spells for Wellness Facebook page and receive a weekly SPELL, plus join or start a conversation.

When you purchase your Journal and you would like the Just Journal piece, let me know and I will provide you with a link to the learning session.

My gift to you.

The Spells for Wellness Journal is designed to fold back to back, for ease of writing, doodling, drawing, sticking pictures – whatever you would like to do … there are no rules when journaling.

Being wire bound, the journal is good for left or right handers.

Make sure, you always keep your favourite pens, crayons or markers near.

Use it as an Oracle

You can also use your Spells for Wellness Journal as an oracle.

That is, if you are feeling a bit out of sorts and seeking guidance, hold your journal close to your chest (heart), close your eyes and ask for assistance. I like to say ‘guide me down the path to take.’

With your eyes still closed, flick the pages of your Journal and when you feel the time is right, open your eyes.

If you did not quite land on a Spell, turn the pages forward to a Spells page.

Each SPELL has a commentary to assist you with context for the SPELL and most importantly, to help embed it with relevance to you and your life.

Journal Detail

  • 250 x 170 mm (B5) size
  • Hard book cover, custom finish, high gloss
  • 5ml cover overlay to protect pages
  • 12 SPELLS on colour images in Western Australia
  • Black wire, binding
  • Lies flat, returns back to back
  • High quality white satin paper
  • Made in Western Australia

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