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Are you a Lifelong Learner that likes to learn, but prefer to do it at your pace and in your own time?

Learn to ‘Just Journal’ in your own time, is a session designed specifically for you.

When you sign up, you are provided with a link to the downloadable Just Journal Workbook.

You can also participate in online Q&A coaching sessions via the Lifelong Learning Life, Love and the Universe Facebook Group.

This is a closed group for learners just like you, where you can explore topics, share insights, ask questions and hang out with others who are exploring also.

Purchase now and get started OR participate in our group-based facilitated Just Journal Workshop and enjoy a day out in the Avon Valley.



Learn to Journal

Have you ever wished your life could be different or better?

You don’t talk about it though, right?

Have you considered writing your secret, most inner thoughts down to get them out of your head?

Imagine being in control of your thoughts and creating strategy for the change you desire?

Sound appealing?

We were all born with our very own Divine Design of Life.

We were born to create and achieve our potential; whatever that potential may be.

And then perhaps, life got in the way and we fell off our path!

If we decide we want to do something different or better, we first need to know where we are at.

How better to do that than through journaling?

“To journal is to provide clarity of thought.”

Having clarity of thought provides opportunity to achieve potential.

Do you Journal?

Would you like to journal?

Sign up now and learn to just journal.

What’s included?

Just Journal Workbook (value: $13) – downloadable, so you can start your learning immediately.


ONLINE Q&A and GROUP COACHING (value: immeasurable)


Conscious Conversations Facebook (closed) Group

What the Just Journal Workbook will cover:

The ten (10) step process to keeping a journal:

Step 1: Identifying what you want to do in life different or better

Step 2: Creating memory

Step 3: When to Journal

Step 4: Ask questions to refine your desires

Step 5: Dream BIG

Step 6: Rant and Rave

Step 7: Write affirmations, demand answers

Step 8: Reflect on your writings … always

Step 9: Use your Journal as your oracle

Step 10: Check in with your feelings, often


Terms and Conditions

Just Journal is an electronic (downloadable) learning piece.

Participation in the Facebook Conscious Conversations group is by choice.

Further coaching and support is available by negotiation.

Upgrades to the face-to-face session available.

Contact Di, with any queries or questions.



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