Conscious Conversations


A Wellness Workshop

Start: 10:00am – Finish: 1:30pm followed by lunch.

Conscious Conversations underpin everything we do in life.  This workshop will enable you to learn about communicating authentically and effectively.

You will explore the components involved in great (conscious) conversations while participating in many over a sumptuous long table learning lunch.

Learning to communicate authentically, that is, being conscious and mindful (present) is one of the best skill sets anyone can hold.  This session will set you off on the path to better understanding YOU, while creating the ability to participate in fabulous conversations (even ones, that may at first seem tough).

This event runs over 3 ½ hours, followed by a sumptuous lunch.

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Explore how conscious conversations can enhance your well-being through learning to communicate in a way that builds trust and relationship.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Make your interactions with people more considered and empathetic
  • Enable you to give and receive feedback
  • Assist you when dealing with difficult conversations
  • Increase your confidence for taking the initiative and getting the best out of any conversation


Often we think because we have two ears and can hear and a mouth and speak, that we are communicating. We talk, yet we often miss the point in terms of communicating. Conscious conversations requires us to think about our interactions and how we communicate. Often we lack the confidence to say what we mean (respectfully), ask for what we want, or to deal effectively with difficult conversations.

When problems arise, they are often the result of the wrong conversation, or indeed no conversation at all. Conscious Conversations provides a practical introduction to techniques, backed up by robust theory, that demonstrate how to give and receive feedback, as well as how to manage challenging situations positively and with confidence.

All of these techniques apply whether the conversation is at work or home, with your peers, your manager, the people you manage, your friends or your partner!

It’s about creating consciousness around how you communicate.

Most importantly it will teach you to listen.

“We communicate to understand. By understanding we demonstrate empathy. With empathy, we build trust. With trust we enhance our relationships and relationships are vital to our well-being.” ~ Di Granger


Workshops offered by Lifelong Learning aim to show-case the beautiful historic Town of Toodyay and will utilise various venues for the Workshops. The venues will change from workshop to workshop to take advantage of the seasonal ambience.

Once enrolled, confirmation will include venue detail.

Avonlink Rail Service

Workshop fees do not include the cost of this service. However, when booking onto the AvonLink Service, ask if there are any special promotions running or a discount for a return day fare? All commuters on the train will be met at the Toodyay Train Station and accompanied or transported to the Workshop venue.

Terms and Conditions

Fees do not include AvonLink Train fare

Cancellations outside of 5 working days are not refundable

Workshops participant size, maximum of ten (10)



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