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Journal Book Charms

These beautiful bespoke book charms are available to add magic and charm to your Spells for Wellness Journals.

They can be purchased separately or with a Journal.



Book Charms to add MAGIC to your Spells for Wellness Journal

Journals are much more than just a book to write, draw, doodle or paste into.

A journal creates memory of moments in your life around a diverse range of topics … because that’s what life, love and the universe will do.

Magic and Charms

Journals have a certain magic and charm.

To enhance that magical look and feel, Lifelong Learning has a range of bespoke book charms for your Spells for Wellness Journal or any other book that they can attach onto.

Base Charms

The Book Charms are comprised as follows:

We start with a dream catcher, and a key.

Dream catchers symbolise protection and positivity; coupled with the metaphor of keys for unlocking and opening …

These pieces create the charm of ‘realising dream and unlocking your desires.’

Journaling is all about the charm and magic of unleashing life desires …

Each charm has three (3) major components.

The dream catcher and key, then we build the style (which have names) through adding:

crosses (style name: goth), pendants (style name: hippie), and/or butterflies (style name: boho).

The charms are held together with beaded or silver chain and sometimes enhanced with organza ribbon.

They clip onto your Journal with a silver key chain ring.

Bespoke Charms

The charms are bespoke, so they won’t always look exactly like the picture.

GOTH (style)

HIPPIE (style)

BOHO (style)

They will however always be beautiful, feel magical and enhance your Journal.

They make a beautiful gift, a stunning coffee table book piece or simply something wonderful to have and hold.





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goth, hippie, boho


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