Magic of Mosaics – 2020 Season

Magic of Mosaics - Season Open

MAGIC OF MOSAICS 2020 Season – OPEN SHED Session The Magic of Mosaics season is almost upon us. We operate in Toodyay Time, which is April through to end of October. The Shed will re-open on Wednesday, April 1 and is offering its new format of 3-hour open sessions. This means you can attend a […]

Mosaics plus Mandalas equal MAGIC

Artists express themselves through their art, whatever that art form may be, and many create a signature style that is recognised immediately. Painters, Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol are two that spring to mind. You can just about always pick their style and will hear their pieces spoken about as ‘that’s a Picasso or that’s […]

Living a values-driven life!

Many years ago, my (then) team and I sat down to brain-storm what we thought Lifelong Learning (me, as a person and a business) was all about. I remember it well because my very good friend and colleague Mary (who sadly died last year), was pushing me to identify what was important in terms of […]

The Power and Joy of RECEIVING!

Receiving SPELL

Here’s the thing about achieving success and creating the life we truly want. We do actually have to believe we are worthy of it and be willing to receive it. It … being everything we hope will be part of achieving this perfect wonderful life. Catherine Ponder, an American Minister and inspirational author of many […]