Lifelong Learning is located in Toodyay WA; the perfect space to relax, breathe in the quiet and immerse yourself in a workshop or activity that will enhance your well-being through a good dose of personal or professional development.


We love learning, exploring life through LIVE – WORK – PLAY and our 9-dimensions of wellness that fits both a personal and professional perspective.

This season Lifelong Learning is operating on an appointment only basis.

We are happy create an event for just you or a group. Or provide you with some shed or coaching time, with bottomless cups of organic tea if that is your preference.

So, if there is something you, a group of friends or work colleagues would like to explore, contact me to discuss.

Take a peek at the Lifelong Learning workshops, creative pursuits, tea-drinking coaching conversations and our coming soon, new on-line learning and e-books.

Are you a lifelong learner?

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