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I have been designing, developing and facilitating learning (workshops) for many years around various subject matter such as:

  • Communication– an essential skill for participating successfully in life;
  • Leadership– exploring key leader characteristics; and
  • Wellness– what makes us well, what keeps us well and how do we know we are well?

The latter (wellness) has always been a priority of mine and for the past decade I’ve incorporated a wellness focus into all my workshops, particularly exploring the mind-body connection.

I use a model called the 9-dimensions to enable exploration of the individual aspects that make us whole.

Being well, is a lot more than simply not being sick and the model of 9-dimensions provides opportunity for us all to take stock of how well we are at any given time in life.

The 9-Dimensions of Wellness starter workshop is a great starting place.  The workshop is run over 3 ½ hours and introduces you to the 9-dimensions model, exploring the various aspects of YOU that make and keep you well. It will become the beginning of your Lifelong journey to wellness and includes The Book of Wellness.


The Magic of Mosaics workshop explores the CREATIVE dimension plus enables you to appreciate the benefits of being mindful and loving the here and now. You will create a beautiful piece to take home with you and remind you of your Lifelong journey to wellness. This workshop is run over 3 ½ hours and includes the Spells for Wellness Journal.


The Understanding Self — Myers-Briggs Type Indicator – MBTI ® High Tea is a fun and engaging 3 ½ hour workshop that will provide you with great insights around personality types using the Myers Briggs Type Indicator ® assessment process. Includes the Spells for Wellness Journal.


Conscious Conversations are a long table learning lunch event, where topics will be explored over great conversation. Topics will vary and/or you can suggest a topic that you’d like to explore. This event runs over 3 ½ hours. It includes sumptuous lunch and the Spells for Wellness Journal.


Wellness Wednesdays are 3 ½ hour workshops that follow on from the introductory 9-Dimensions of Wellness.  Each dimension is explored to provide strategy for change. Check out the dates and book into the dimension that is of interest to you.


Free-fall Fridays are like the lucky dip of workshops.  You make your way to the venue and the workshop ‘is what it is.’ Free-fall Fridays offer no-frill workshops over a 2-hour duration, commencing at 10:30am through to 12:30pm.  These workshops are $50 per person and you bring your own refreshments.

PS  … after the workshop you can shout yourself to some great shopping and lunch in the picturesque Town of Toodyay.

The AvonLink train departs Toodyay just after 3pm.

Potential topics:

  • The art of Communicating
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • It is what it is – creating resilience
  • Journey of Awareness
  • No-frills MBTI ®
  • Understanding Self through the JoHari Window
  • Exploring your Comfort Zone
  • To Journal or not!
  • We become what we think about

And of course you can include topics that you would like to explore.

Terms and Conditions:

All workshops are $175 per person (except free-fall Fridays) and include refreshments and learning book, journal or hand-outs.

Bookings essential.

Lifelong Learning encourages you to make the journey via the AvonLink rail service. Bookings can be made through the TransWA website.

Cancellations of bookings less than 48 hours are not refundable.

Explore the Workshops page and make your bookings.

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