Are you a Lifelong Learner?

Many years ago I registered my business name Lifelong Learning. I love the idea of lifelong learning; of being a lifelong learner … of learning forever! We should never stop learning. We should never cease to be enthralled by the ‘stuff’ that life dishes up. Learning for life is about noticing what’s happening around you. Identifying feelings … Continued

Understanding Self through MBTI

MBTI Every time I facilitate a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) workshop I am always delighted at just how useful it is as a methodology for understanding Self. It came about through the work of Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myer. They wanted a tool that would make the work of Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung useful … Continued

Hocus Pocus SPELLS to Focus

SPELLS Spells are a way of calling on a higher deity to assist us to achieve what we most want from life. I am a firm believer that we all become what we think about, so therefore I think a lot about how grateful I am, how happy I am and how I can continue to ensure I … Continued

Practising Gratitude

It always seems like we never really value the simple things in life, like a thank you.  Saying thank you costs us nothing, yet the value of a thank you is almost immeasurable.  I recall having this very conversation with a bunch of leaders in various leadership forums, over many years and I got to … Continued

Lifelong Learning …

You already know that people development equals greater staff retention and a happy, healthy and harmonious workplace. But how do you support your team with learning and training that adds value to both individuals and your organisation?  At Lifelong Learning you will find the information and tools you need to develop great people and build strong teams! The following is a snap-shot of the areas that Lifelong Learning … Continued