Wellness Image Wellness refers to your entire well-being; it is a holistic approach that requires a bit of exploration to focus on those areas of life that may require some attention.  To be well is more than not being ill, this site is all about exploring your wellness, through the 9-dimension of well-being. For me, Wellness is … Continued

The 9-Dimensions of Wellness

My approach to Wellness started many years ago, when I was asked to design a workshop that explored the power of positive thinking for a group of Human Resource practitioners. The Manager had heard that this concept might just be worth exploring and could have something to it! Who would’ve thought that this one request … Continued

9 Dimensions of Wellness

This workshop is a great way to start thinking about how WELL you really are! The Nine-Dimensions is a half-day introductory workshop providing you with the opportunity to explore your-Self and build strategy for lifelong wellness. It is for people who realise that health is more than the absence of disease or just not being sick. It’s … Continued