Wellness Image Wellness refers to your entire well-being; it is a holistic approach that requires a bit of exploration to focus on those areas of life that may require some attention.  To be well is more than not being ill, this site is all about exploring your wellness, through the 9-dimension of well-being. For me, Wellness is … Continued


Tours image Coming in 2019, Lifelong Learning will commence a range of Tours show-casing the beauty of the Avon Valley and Wheatbelt region with a particular focus on the picturesque Town of Toodyay. Unique to these tours is the inclusion of Conscious Conversations and sumptuous long table lunches. More soon …

Lifelong Learning Workshops

Workshop Image I have been designing, developing and facilitating learning (workshops) for many years around various subject matter such as: Communication– an essential skill for participating successfully in life; Leadership– exploring key leader characteristics; and Wellness– what makes us well, what keeps us well and how do we know we are well? The latter (wellness) has always … Continued

Are you a Lifelong Learner?

Many years ago I registered my business name Lifelong Learning. I love the idea of lifelong learning; of being a lifelong learner … of learning forever! We should never stop learning. We should never cease to be enthralled by the ‘stuff’ that life dishes up. Learning for life is about noticing what’s happening around you. Identifying feelings … Continued

Understanding Self through MBTI

MBTI Every time I facilitate a Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) workshop I am always delighted at just how useful it is as a methodology for understanding Self. It came about through the work of Katharine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myer. They wanted a tool that would make the work of Psychologist Carl Gustav Jung useful … Continued